My Top 5 Transferable Skills

When you are applying for a job you are comparing yourself to every other candidate. It is important to have the skills and qualifications needed. I believe that these are my top five skills that are transferable to any career path.

Customer Service & Overall Communication
It is great to have an idea but if you are not able to share it with others, what good will it bring? Communication would be one of the most important skills you can have. I am able to communicate with others in a way that respects, shares and encourages others to participate in conversation.

I am able to identify and suggest new ways to get a task done or solve a problem. I am able to use my past experiences to know what may work in a situation or not. Being a creative person, I am able to put a new spin on an old task.

Motivation & Ambition to Succeed
Within my personal and professional life I am persistent, dependable, enthusiastic and organized. I take great pride in completing a task and achieving the best I can. I pay close attention to detail and follow through on completion within a given time frame. It is important for me to feel proud of what I have accomplished.

Team Work & Leadership Skills
I am able to network and interact with others in a team setting. I am also able to lead a group through a management position. I enjoy to work independently or within a team setting, while assuming responsibility for my assigned role.

Open Minded (learning styles)
This can apply to any work setting I may face. I strongly believe there are multiple ways to complete a task. When beginning in any new work environment it is important to be flexible and open to new learning styles and viewpoints. I am able to adapt to any situation while respecting those around me.

There are so many skills and qualifications you can have in your life. It is important to realize your strengths and how you can use them. Go out and polish those skills you have just waiting to be used.

Artistic hobbies… my personal path to creativity

A few of my favourite things

By now you can see I love to do anything crafty and creative. Anytime I can learn something new and create a one of a kind piece, I will take the opportunity. Throughout my life, my family has always been creative. From a dad who has always painted and written stories, to a mother who has done every kind of creative outlet there is (painting, crochet, jewelry making, baking, etc), then a sister who went to school for fashion design and finally to another sister who can make anything you ever could want (currently has her own Etsy site, baking, sewing, card making). Me, being the youngest, has taken a little bit of creativity from everyone and have dabbled in a little bit of everything.

For the past 4 years now my family has started a new tradition of creating glass blown ornaments. I look forward to this every year. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I have been able to critique my technique and create something new each time. Another one of my favourite forms of art is pottery, either hand done or on a wheel. I took a few class to learn how to use a pottery wheel and I can’t get enough. I wish I had more time to rent some space in a pottery school and create some more pieces.

Since I was a little kid I have always made cards for everyone no matter the celebration. To this day I am still making cards for family and friends. The only difference in my cards now is that I have better tools to create more professional cards. Now when it comes to the kitchen I never have a desire to cook. The thought of all those dishes to clean up can be quite daunting. But if you were to ask me to bake 1000 cookies and 16 different kinds I would have no problem. I love to bake. Nothing smells sweeter than the aroma in a kitchen after some freshly made banana bread.  Which has lead me  to another one of my favourite traditions, cookie exchanges. This is when you get a group of people together to each make a bunch of their favourite cookies. Then you all swap the cookies around so everyone can take some home and have a variety for their upcoming holiday. The cookies I’ll be making this year are chocolate crinkle cookies.

I challenge you to go out there and create something new and exciting.

November? I think you mean Movember!

Last day of the month saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me

Since the upcoming Movember season is upon us I thought I would share my experience of Movember with you….

In 2011, I was working at the Student Affairs and Orientation doing event promotion at Algonquin College. They asked me to wear a moustache for the Movember campaign I was going to promote that day. I thought this was a great idea I decided to take it just a little bit further, so I signed up to be a Mo Sista. I didn’t want to just raise money I wanted to be a part of Movember, I wanted the true experience. And what way could I make it more unique than wearing a temporary tattoo of a moustache on my face all day, every day, for the whole month? And I mean everywhere!! I wore my moustache (stache if you will) to work, school, even shopping at The Rideau Center. The only place I didn’t wear my moustache was at a formal event, and that was because I didn’t want take away from the event itself. People were either supportive or just beyond stunned that I would be wearing a moustache on my face in public. I even had one lady very concerned that someone drew on me without me knowing!! Being a part of Movember was such an amazing experience for me. By the end of the month, I raised just under $200 with the support of family, friends and the general public.

For those that don’t know what Movember is I’ll give you a brief overview.  Movember is responsible for all those growing moustaches you see through the month of November. Men register online and raise funds in donation for prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health concerns. To be a true member of Movember you must shave your moustache off at the beginning of the month and start with a fresh clean-shaven face.  You can also sign up to be a Mo Sista and help with same causes, (you just don’t have to grow a moustache).

As you can see Movember is about a lot more than just growing a moustache. Last year alone the Movember campaign raised $146.6 million all through the power and support of over 1.1 Million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. So please remember this upcoming Movember season to support those Mo Bros and Mo Sistas out there! They are doing a lot more than rocking an awesome stache.

For more information or to donate please go to

What’s your passion?

One of my stylish Halloween creations (I am on the left, my fellow cat friend Alexandria)

One of my stylish Halloween creations (I am on the left, my fellow cat friend Alexandria on the right)

It’s so hard to know what you want to do with your life before you have even had a chance to experience some of it! I wanted to share a bit about my past experiences while figuring out what my dream job would be. My name Diana and this is my blog.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been creative. I absolutely loved anything where I was able to create something out of nothing. I used to make my own jewelry, clothes, Barbie’s clothes, nail designs, cards, scrapbooks, etc. A lot of the things I enjoyed to do as a kid I still do today. You will still find me decorating my nails for the upcoming season, creating a new piece of jewelry, or making a new throw pillow to decorate my home.

There are so many things you can do with a Recreation and Leisure Services diploma and being creative was one of my top reasons for entering this field. I have always had a love for events, everything from weddings, fundraising, birthday parties, to daily activities. This is what led me into the retirement industry. After graduation at Algonquin College, I decided to work with the elderly in the long-term care industry. For the last year and a half I have filled two maternity leave positions, one at a retirement home and currently at a nursing home. Being able to combine my passion, caring and creative side through my career choice has been an amazing experience.

As my current mat leave position comes to an end I would like to get back into larger scale events or marketing. I hope to find a position either working for a non-profit organization in fundraising or working for an event company to help them though the use of my creativity. As a side job I have always had a dream of one day having my own business. I plan on opening a mobile spa within the next few years. This will be a spa that comes to you, whether it be for a party or your own private pedicure.

If anyone has any advice, suggestions, career opportunities, etc. I would love to hear from you.